Despicable Dick & Righteous Richard is a feature length documentary following Richard Kuchera on a journey of self-discovery as he seeks to right the wrongs of his past. Enigmatic rascal and recovering addict Dick Kuchera, or Richard, as he now prefers to be known, has done some pretty despicable things in his life and over the years has alienated almost everyone he has known and loved.

As the years catch up with him, 68 year old Dick has begun to question a life lived distinctly on his terms. His Catholic faith says repent. His 12-Step program says he needs to say sorry. Dick embarks on a life changing road trip through America’s great plains, tracking down old friends and family in attempt to right the wrongs of his chequered past. But while the silver-tongued Dick will surely be able to find the words, will his former loved ones be willing to speak to him, let alone accept his heartfelt apologies?

In a series of amazing encounters through this fascinating corner of contemporary America, our flawed hero Dick comes face to face with the consequences of his outrageous past and is finally forced to confront the deep-seated issues at the heart of his behavior and search for redemption.

Where My Name is Earl meets Broken Flowers, DESPICABLE DICK AND RIGHTEOUS RICHARD is a moving and surprising tragicomedy. As we hit the road with the eccentric Richard, we too find echoes in our own lives and relationships, in this universal tale of change, family and forgiveness.